Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet Matched Pair 5.55 ctw Africa

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Description :
Magnificent Matched pair of Raspberry Rhodolite Garnets 5.55 ct from Kenya.
Measurements: 9.00 x 7.03 x 5.09 mm
9.04 x 7.19 x 5.37
Transparency: Transparent
Oval Shape,Untreated

Pictures are taken under incandescent and day light.

Garnet is january Birthstone.

Considered a fine gemstone, its colour may vary from pink to purplish-violet red and, like all garnets, it is celebrated for its perfect gemstone properties of brilliance, hardness (7-7.5 on the Mohs scale) and colour. Lighter in hue than most other red garnets, rhodolite can be distinguished from its darker red siblings thanks to its rich rose-to-raspberry tones with subtle purple variations.

Raspberry is a colour commonly associated with rhodolite, but its hue is complex. Its color was described like red wine – rich and dark at first glance but glowing pinky, purplish red when it catches the light. This particular stone has an unusually strong and saturated colour!

Rhodolite Garnet is one of the classic gemstones. It has been used in jewellery for many centuries.