Turquoise and Diamond Starburst Celestial Necklace 14K Gold

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Delicate and Sophisticated Natural Turquoise and Diamond Celestial Necklace inspired by the stars...

Since ancient time people have been looking at the stars to find enjoyment, calmness, signs, their way, directions, symbols.
Falling stars, wandering stars, milky way, zodiacs all of these words sound so mysterious and magic.
Everyone remembers being a child and gazing at the stars laying on the grass with family or best friends. Or being on a romantic date and kissing under the dark night sky with sparkling stars...

We created this gorgeous necklace with sleeping beauty turquoise for some reasons. First of all, it represents wisdom, tranquility, protection and hope. Secondly, we think it is a great combination of a star shape pendant and sky blue turquoise and universe harmony...
Jewelry with celestial motifs like moons, stars, constellations, and zodiacs spark a sense of joy and magic, and are associated with luck, love, and protection,

Turquoise and Diamond Necklace Details:

Main Stone: Sleeping beauty natural turquoise 6 x 4 mm

Side Stones: 8 Natural Diamonds GH/SI

Metal: 14K Solid Gold

Pendant Dimensions: 21.01 x 19.64 mm

Chain Length: 16-18"

This Unique Turquoise Celestial Necklace can be customised in Rose,White and Yellow Gold. The Turquoise has gorgeous sky blue color. The central stone can be upgraded/downgraded to suit your preference and budget. We have a great selection of natural gemstones different shapes and colors.

Lead time 5-10 days, if you need it earlier, please let us know.