Bi color sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring Set 14K White Gold, Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Parti color sapphire ring set is a unique way to show your love. When speaking of a parti sapphire, its coloration can be as various as possible. The engagement ring set is featuring a gorgeous white blue pear shape sapphire.

White and blue sapphire engagement ring set details:

Central stone: 1.3-1.4 ct natural pear shape bi color sapphire

Side stones: Natural diamonds

Matching wedding band:

Stones: Natural Diamonds

Metal: 14K White Gold

Custom Order:
This Unique Engagement Ring set can be customised in Rose,White and Yellow Gold. The Sapphire has a gorgeous white and blue color combination. This stunning sapphire ring set is offered in other sizes, metal, and the central stone can be upgraded/downgraded to suit your preference and budget. We have a great selection of Sapphires as well as other natural gemstones different shapes and colors.

Lead time 15-20 days, if you need it earlier, please let us know.