Natural Peridot 9.29ct from Pakistan

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Description :
Dazzling, Lustrous 9.29 ct Natural Pakistan Peridot.
Measurements: 14.47 x 10.87 x 7.69
Transparency: Transparent
I will be happy to create a design and set up the stone for you.

This stone is just perfect for a High- End piece of jewelry.

Another August’s birthstone is PERIDOT. You, probably, know that the other name of the gem is CHRYSOLITE and it’s a variety of the mineral OLIVINE.

Let’s have some facts of this semi precious stone.

Peridot’s color may vary from a brownish-green to yellowish green to pure green. Pure green to slightly yellowish green are the most desirable colors. Brown undertone may lower the value.

Peridots are usually eye-clean but there is a «whole life» inside the stones. One of the most distinctive inclusion of peridot is lily pad.

Peridot is available in a wide variety of shapes and cutting styles.