Nature Inspired Leaf Engagement Ring Set with Teal Green Sapphire 14K White Gold

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Nature Inspired jewelry trend is becoming more and more popular. Wearing jewelry that looks like flowers, leaves, fruits, etc gives you a sense of involvement with nature itself.

Here is Custom Nature Inspired Engagement Ring with a Matching Wedding Band.
This Leaf Ring Set was made for engagement. Leaves hold symbolism in many cultures but generally they symbolize fertility, hope, revival and renewal. Also, leaves are such a charming natural element and add so much beauty to the dream wedding ring. If you take a look at the organic design of the nature ring you may notice smoothly curved band that looks like a tree branch…All these little details makes it look like a dream engagement ring.
Teal Green Sapphire deserves special attention in this white gold radiant shape sapphire ring. Ethically sourced on a small family owned mine Radiant Shape Sapphire has a deep teal green color, which modern brides love for their Dream Engagement Ring.
Solitaire Radiant Ring looks so elegant, unique, stylish and makes you an exceptional bride.

Sapphire Ring Set Details:

Main Stone: Teal Green Sapphire Radiant Shape 1.2- 1.4 ct

Metal: 14K Gold, Hand carved

Wedding Band: 14K Solid Gold, Hand carved

Custom Order:

This Unique Engagement Ring Set can be customised in Rose,White and Yellow Gold. The Sapphire has a gorgeous vivid teal green color, eye clean stone. This teal sapphire ring set is offered in other sizes, metal, and the central stone can be upgraded/downgraded to suit your preference and budget. We have a great selection of Sapphires as well as other natural gemstones different shapes and colors.

Lead time: 15-20 days, If you need it earlier, please, let us know.