Pastel Blue Sapphire Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Gold

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A gorgeous pastel blue sapphire and hidden halo diamond ring is a beautiful and elegant alternative engagement ring. The combination of aqua blue sapphire and sparkling diamonds creates a stunning contrast that is both sophisticated and eye-catching. A rope band is a unique and distinctive choice for those seeking a more textured and intricate look in their jewelry. Moreover this style of the engagement ring will add a touch of elegance and visual interest to your hand.

Hidden halo engagement ring details:
Central Stone: Natural pastel blue sapphire 1.1-1.3 ct round shape
Side stones: Natural diamonds
Metal: 14K Gold

Custom Order:
This Unique Engagement Ring can be customised in Rose,White and Yellow Gold. The Sapphire will have gorgeous pastel blue color. This light blue sapphire ring is offered in other sizes, metal, and the central stone can be upgraded/downgraded to suit your preference and budget. We have a great selection of Sapphires as well as other natural gemstones different shapes and colors.

Lead time 15-20 days, if you need it earlier, please let us know.