Teal Blue Montana Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring Set 14K Rose Gold


Teal Blue Montana Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring Set 14K Rose Gold

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Timeless classic…

Classic engagement rings got their name for a good reason: they will never go out of style.
The most classic engagement ring is solitaire,featuring the central stone and a simple band.
But modern brides are changing classic they way they wish, choosing unique Montana Sapphire instead of a diamond, making the ring special and meaningful.

Montana Sapphire Engagement Rings have become increasingly popular. A lot of people have their own stories, connected with Montana State and they want to have a piece of it with them forever. These stories are so sincere, touching and personal that make everyone's heart smile. Montana Sapphire is an American Gemstone, mined at various times for over hundred years. This is the stone we may say about: «Made in the USA». Montana Sapphires is a hot trend and they are prized for their special attractive colors and hues, which you can’t mistake with others. For instance, blue gems range from a medium blue hue to a teal, blue-green, or green. Green gems frequently possess a mint shade. Pinkish-purple, violetish-blue, greyish-yellow or any other color, they will have special pastel hues. Also they are very tough, which makes them an excellent choice for daily wearing rings such as engagements ones.

Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring Set Details:

Main Stone: 1.4-1.5 ct Natural Montana Sapphire

Metal: 14K Solid Gold

Matching Wedding Band

This Unique Engagement Ring Set can be customized in Rose,White and Yellow Gold. The Sapphire has a gorgeous vivid teal blue color. This teal sapphire ring is offered in other sizes, metal, and the central stone can be upgraded/downgraded to suit your preference and budget. We have a great selection of Sapphires as well as other natural gemstones different shapes and colors.

Lead time 15-20 days, if you need it earlier, please let us know
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