Tsavorite Garnet 3.56 ct Deep Green from Kenya

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Description :
Natural, untreated Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania 3.5 ct. This rare tsavorite has deep green color and a little darker tone. This fine gemstone will set up beautifully in your jewelry design and will be an important addition to an any collection. I will be happy to create a design and set up the stone for you.

Measurements: 9.15 x 8.40 x 5.2
Transparency: Transparent


-January Birthstone
-Has one of the most intense and vivid green color of any gemstones.
-Usually eye-clean or near-eye-clean stones
-Founded in Kenya,Tanzania and Madagascar only
-Prices range from $500 to more than $8000 per carat
-Tsavorites over 2 carats are rather rare
-There are 2 imitations of tsavotite: green YAG and green glass

Pictures are taken under natural and incandescent light.